Happy Easter

Wishing all of our clients, your friends and loved ones a very Happy Easter. We are closed for the long weekend but will be back to normal business hours on Tuesday. If you were ever looking for a healthy excuse to rationalize eating chocolate, this is it.

Making the Impossible Possible

Today the impossible, or should I say improbable happened. For the first time ever, a bear bile farm will be converted into a sanctuary to care for 130 bears who were formerly milked for their bile and held in horrific conditions. Today proves that even the opposition can still change their minds and have the moral integrity to do the right thing. Today there is hope that if even one bile farm can be swayed then more can certainly follow suit thanks to continued growing awareness.

As many of you know Joanna is a huge supporter of Animals Asia and works very hard to raise awareness as well as funds to rehabilitate as many bears as possible throughout Vietnam and China. Unfortunately, a very cruel fact is that more than 10,000 bears are kept on farms throughout China and milked regularly for their bile even though statistics show 87% of Chinese are against bear bile farming.

Hailed as a historic move by Animals Asia CEO and founder Jill Robinson MBE, she’s quoted as stating, “China has long been outraged by this cruel practice and this negotiation is a result of years of growing awareness and increased opposition. We believe it can be the start of a wider conversation, with all parties represented, with the aim of finally ending bear bile farming in China. We should never underestimate the importance of rescuing 130 bears, but we believe it can represent so much more than that.”

Even though the 130 bears being rehabilitated haven’t had their bile milked in two years, they have still been living in confinement, eating a poor diet and without the lack of veterinary care. Initially, 28 of the 130 bears will be rescued with a 5 million investment by Animals Asia to cover three years of bear care.

I think the best part about this story is the fact that the impossible has been made possible today. If one person’s mind can be changed, then the possibilities are endless and we are one step closer to rescuing more of the 10,000 bears still living in horrific, inhumane conditions through China and Vietnam. I’m inspired by what Animals Asia China Director of External Affairs Toby Zhang said:

“We are opening the doors of a bile farm to the world. In doing so we are showing that a bile farm can close, be converted, and have a cruelty free future. We will be working with Mr Yan to investigate a sustainable model for what will become the Nanning Bear Rescue Centre – Animals Asia’s second sanctuary in China. Our research tells us that Chinese people do not want bear bile farming. We want those people to be heartened and inspired by this announcement. We want owners of Chinese bile farms to view it positively too. We want them to pursue their own way out.”

If you are at all moved please seek more information here or consider donating. These beautiful animals need our help.

Spend $100 And Receive A Skin Firming Kit Absolutely Free!

I don’t know if you saw my most recent Facebook post but it was regarding my favorite of the Dermalogica skincare lines, Age Smart. It’s perfect timing as our latest promotion will see you getting to experience a few of those wonderful products in an amazing gift with purchase. Simply spend $100 on any Dermalogica product(s) and the Skin Firming Kit seen below, valued at $58.50 will be yours!

With three travel sized products included - Multivitamin Power Firm (a best-selling eye firming treatment to banish fine lines), Antioxidant Hydramist (a refreshing peptide toner that creates a hydrating shield), and the Dynamic Skin Recovery SPF 30 (a hydrating facial moisturizer that enhances your skin’s ability to fight off free radicals).

This promotion begins today and is only available while supplies last so call now to secure yours on 08 8373 2944!

Winter-Proof Your Skin

As we slowly ease into winter you may begin to notice your skin starts to be affected by the colder weather. After all, during the cold season we amp up the heat, take longer and warmer showers and subject our skin to abrasive wind and brisk weather conditions. This can all take its toll on our complexion (especially that dry indoor heating). Although it feels soothing it’s not doing to many favors where our skin is involved.

Even though I welcome sweater weather and staying cozy indoors for the next few months there are some steps we can take to prepare our skin for winter. Did you know your skin automatically produces less lipids (oils) during the winter months? This is why we are more susceptible to that annoying dryness, scaling and flaking. The key to preventing this is to try and keep the moisture locked in so here are a few things you can do to ensure your skin feels hydrated all winter long:

1. Shorten your hot shower/bath time

Hot water removes the skin’s natural oils very quickly, so having a long, hot shower can really deplete the skin of its natural moisture and leave it extremely dry. Use warm water instead and try not to stay longer than 10 minutes. I know it feels good but your not doing your skin any favors!

2. Make sure you moisturize regularly
Moisturisers bind and retain water, and act as a seal that traps moisture in and prevents water loss. After you moisturize your face with your favorite Dermalogica product make sure you don’t forget about the rest of your body. There are a couple great ones such as the Body Hydrating Cream or Ultrarich Body Cream that will keep your skin supple and hydrated this winter.

3. Turn down the heat
Hot air causes the blood vessels to dilate, which can stimulate itchiness so make sure you turn the dial down and layer with a sweater if you need more warmth.

4. Water, water, water
Make sure you’re looking after your skin by drinking lots of H20 as well as skin friendly foods such as any type of berry, plums, and foods containing fatty acids such as salmon and avocado and walnuts.

A few other tips can be to use a humidifier in your bedroom or office, wear skin friendly fabrics with natural fibers to avoid further irritation, and don’t forget your SPF. I don’t mean to be a stickler, but I can’t tell you how important it is to allways put at least a 30 on your face before your head out for the day. I’m making winter sound so depressing! Fear not my lovely ladies and gents, this is a beautiful season and I absolutely love the excuse to rug up and snuggle and you will too! Just follow a few of these winter-proofing tips so your skin can enjoy it too.

Happy Birthday Mina!

With the recent reopening it has been a whirlwind as we catch up on all of our bookings since the salon has been closed for almost a month. Needless to say we were ready for a bit of a party and lucky for us we had reason to celebrate this past Wednesday as it was our gorgeous therapist Mina’s birthday!

In typical ATOB style we are still on a sugar high thanks to delicious cupcakes from Just Tickled Pink. Yasmina was spoiled with a stunning floral arrangement from Adelaide Flower House, Haigh’s Chocolates and a gift voucher! Hope you had a wonderful day Mina and thanks for all your hard work at the salon.

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